Touring of Valkenburg

4th April, 2018

After the last tour to Amsterdam two years ago the band really wanted to travel and tour again. Netherlands seemed to be the place to be, so to the city of Valkenburg it was.

The band spent a few days walking around Valkenburg, sightseeing and testing the local cuisine. Different bars and pubs may have been visited as well around the city, it has to be done doesn't it.

The band then went on to visit the little town of Milheeze. A little pub called The Weijerij is where the band would be playing their concert for the locals, however as it turned out the owners had really good conections with some well known british bands and bandsmen. the bands playing managed to put a few smiles on some faces and that's what playing is all about.

The players themsleves had a great time playing as well as celecrating afterwards, i think the addition of over 100 different beers to sample may have helped.

The band had a great time on their tour of Valkenburg and cant wait to see where the tour bus takes them next time.