Jingle Bells Challenge

28th December, 2018

Over the years Boarshurst Silver Band have become adept at raising funds, for one reason or another. Whether to assist with the upkeep and maintenance of the Band Club or to provide the funds needed to actually keep the band itself running – they had tried most things, as have most in the brass banding world. This year, the band decided to raise funds for another organisation. One that provides youngsters with the opportunity to get involved in music, provides the function to bring them together, perform, contest and ultimately lead them into a life with music. That organisation was to be Music for Youth.

Music for Youth is a national youth arts charity working to provide young people aged 21 and under across the UK with free, life-changing performance and progression opportunities, regardless of background or musical style.

Established in 1970, our mission is simple: we believe that music, and the chance to participate in high-quality musical activities, should be open to every young person.” www.mfy.org.uk

Rather than simply try to solely raise funds MD, James Garlick, wondered if it was possible to get all kinds of bands and musicians involved and that way, both get the message across about how important music is whilst crowdfunding to raise money for MFY.

And so it was, the Jingle Bells Challenge was born. The idea being to have any musician or group of musicians perform a version fo Jingle Bells, in the run up to Christmas, nominate three other musicians or groups, then donate to a gofundme page set up in aid of Music for Youth.

A facebook group was set up, Boarshurst posted the first video and waited to see what would happen. The response was a little slow at first but then, as Christmas approached, more and more people asked to join the group, videos were being posted thick and fast.

From the go live date of November 18th 2018 up to today (December 28th) the group has:

- Grown to 3,503 members
- Had almost 10,000 posts, comments and reactions (on the group page alone)
- Seen posts from Uganda, Australia, Canada, USA, Malta, Spain, The Netherlands and of course from all over The UK
- Raised a total of £3,130 in aid of Music for Youth with some further donations yet to come in

The response and support from brass bands, musicians and groups across the world has been amazing and Boarshurst Silver Band would like to thanks everyone for their involvement and contribution. What will happen next year…. well we have all year to give it some thought…