29th January, 2018

The band recently took part at the Preston Guild Hall competition on January 28th 2018. It has been a long time since the band has competed within the higher sections but they proved they should be doing. The band came 2nd at the competition as well as picking up the prize for best Base section.

James Garlick and the band took to the stage after being drawn third and settled down to play Brass Metamorphosis by James Curnow. Considering this was the first time the band had played within this section they played with great confidence and showed that they deserve to be in the 1st section. The players had every faith in each other and within James as they showed quailty in sections that exposed certain individuals as well as sections that had the band playing in unison.

The band was the only band within the competition to have been promoted up from the 2nd section which made their 2nd place all that more exciing.

As you may imagine the band were extreamly pleased with the prizes they recieved and the celebrations carried on into the night. The next challange for the band will be their first outing to the North West Regional Areas competing in the 1st section.