North West Area 2019

25th February, 2019

Wow! What a start to the year we have had...

We started the year with a fantastic win at Butlins with Force Of Destiny which we were over the moon about. We then went straight into rehearsing for the North West Area with the hope we would qualify for the National Finals and also place high enough for promotion into the Championship Section. Rehearsals had been going well on the very difficult set work that was Gilbert Vinter’s Symphony Of Marches.

The band worked incredibly hard for 4 weeks and we were pleased with how it was sounding. The big day came and we were drawn to play No.3 out of 16 bands. The stage was set and we were sat ready to play, the adjudicators indicated they were ready for us to start and we were off. Our performance was fantastic and everyone in the band played brilliantly.

The band had a long wait then to see if we had been placed in the top 6 and to see if we had qualified. 4barsrest who were following the contest heard all the bands and predicted us to come 1st.The results were in and we had been placed 2nd overall and had indeed qualified for the National Finals again. The band were absolutely delighted and although this hasn’t been confirmed by the North West comminute it is more than likely we will be promoted to the Championship Section.

This is a massive achievement for the band as only 5 years ago we were in the 3rd Section, since then we have qualified for the National Finals 4 out of 5 years and gone from 3rd Section the Championship in the same time.

The band have a busy year ahead with over 30 engagements, Whit Friday, a CD recording and 2 more contests to compete in. Thank you to everyone who has supported the band and we hope you can make it down to the National Finals to support us.

For now, the fundraising begins...