2nd Trombone

Keith Welsh

I started playing at 11 years old for my school band. I did the usual teenage thing and decided I had better things to do so gave up a few years later and didn’t pick up a trombone for 15 years. I’ve only played for a couple of bands over the years, these being Grange School Band, Oldham Band (Lees) and Boarshurst Silver Band, which I joined in 2009.

Having played different test pieces and marches over the years, I’ve come to enjoy some more than others. My favourite march would have to be The Wizard, and when it comes to test pieces, Year of the Dragon and English Heritage are up there so far, but in terms of a lower section piece Facets of Glass.

I have family members that both play and do not play anymore. These include:

Dad: Trombone, Acoustic Guitar. He was Solo Trom for a short while when Oldham Band (lees) formed back in 2004
Mum: Tenor Horn and French Horn. Was a member of Zion many moons ago
Wife: Played for Boarshurst Silver Band on Percussion
Son: Currently Principal Eb Bass for Boarshurst Silver Band but has also played Cornet, Tenor Horn, Baritone and Euphonium (still hasn’t mastered the Trombone though…)
Daughter: Currently playing for Boarshurst Silver Band on Cornet
Daughter: Played Tenor Horn for Boarshurst Silver Band. No longer plays (unless it’s Whit Friday…. she likes the march down!)
Niece: Played Soprano for Boarshurst around 2010

I have been on both the band and band club committees in the past and now I design all advertisements, posters, tickets etc. for the band. I manage the social media sites and do the Facebook live streams of the Band Club’s Sunday Brass Concerts with James Garlick (the easy stuff). I also used to design and build the band website but my son, Liam, does this now.