Kit Percussionist

Wilf Manford

I first started playing drums in 1964 on a second-hand drum kit bought by my dad. I’m completely self-taught and have never had any form of music lesson.

I’ve been with a few bands over the years, including Culceth Military Band (1969 - 1983), Adamson Military Band, Band & Corps of Drums, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, Stalybridge Old band (1988 - 1990 & 2000 - 2001), Ashton Under-Lyne (1997 - 1998), Mossley Band (1990 - 1996), Boarshurst Silver Band (2001 - present day), Alchemy (present) and Drums Yorkshire Volunteer Band (present).

I’ve also played with a large variety of other bands over the years, helping them out on march gigs, concerts and contests etc. There are too many to mention!

My favourite test piece would be Music of a Legacy and my favourite march would be Army of the Nile.