Tuned Percussionist

Linda Finan

I started my playing career at the age of 7. I joined Boarshurst Band in 1973 as part of Boarshurst B Band before progressing to the Silver Band at 17 years old.

Having played through many pieces in my years banding, including countless marches and test pieces, I would say my favourite march is Washington Grays and my favourite test piece is Triumphant Rhapsody.

I actually met my partner at Boarshurst Band and all my children have played for the band up until recently with my eldest having just left to have a baby. My partner played 3rd cornet whilst he was part of the band and now my children currently play solo horn, 2nd baritone and 2nd man-down on the front row. My other child before leaving played 2nd cornet.

Alongside playing, I am also responsible for many other roles and matters for the band and Boarshurst Band Club; this includes being the Librarian, Secretary, and running the bar at the band club (Stewardess).

Fun Fact: I can play all instruments apart from the bass trombone.