Solo Horn

Vicky Ashley

I have been playing with Boarshurst band since I was 5. I started in the training band, then moved to the youth band, and in 2008 I moved to Boarshurst Silver Band aged 13. My whole family have played for Boarshurst, including my 2 uncles who played the bass (Bb and Eb), my cousin on horn, my dad and sister on cornet, and my grandad who used to play the bass drum on Whit Fridays. I also have my mum, brother and sisters who play in the band with me now.

Whit Friday is one of my favourite times of the year. I am proud to play in the Whit Walks in the morning traditionally playing Hail Smiling Morn. As for marches, my favourite march to listen to is The Wizard, but my favourite one to play is The President.

I have gone up the ranks whilst playing at Boarshurst and my proudest moment was playing at the National Finals on solo horn where we played Music of a Legacy and we won! However, my favourite test piece to listen to is the Year of the Dragon.

My family and I have been born into Boarshurst and love playing in the band.