Principal Euphonium

Richard Wooding

I first started playing at the age of 7 with Dobcross Youth Band. Growing up in Saddleworth means that brass banding is hard to avoid! (My brother also grew up learning with the band.)

After learning how to play on baritone, I soon ended up on euphonium and then with the principal seat. During my time with the band, I also helped with teaching some of the band's young beginners.

I played with the Dobcross Youth until 2009 when I left to attend Warwick University. There, I quickly got involved with the university's brass society and brass band who were active with concerts and contests throughout the year. Using the band's own instruments, we even started teaching other university students how to play brass in the Warwick Arts Centre where we were lucky enough to rehearse.

After graduating and moving back to Saddleworth, I then had a bit of a quiet spell before joining Boarshurst Silver Band on 1st baritone in 2013 and then moving onto principal euphonium, and I'm still here now!

In terms of favourite pieces, I love marches hearing marches such as ORB and Knight Templar on Whit Friday. Since joining Boarshurst, test pieces such as Evolution, Mermaid of Zennor, and Music of a Legacy now hold special places in my heart.

Most recently I've fallen in love with Paul Lovatt-Cooper's solo, With His First Breath; a solo I actually choose to play!