1st Baritone

Amanda Grundy

I started playing at the age of 7 in Boarshurst Youth with our very own Linda Finan as conductor. From there, I joined Lees & Glodwick Band before returning to Boarshurst Silver in 1994. I then went on to play for British Aerospace before having a 10-year stop gap. On my return to brass banding, I briefly played for Stalybridge Old and Oldham Band (Lees) before returning to Boarshurst Silver in 2016.

My sister Bev (now an ex-bander) spent much, if not most of her banding time, with Boarshurst as well! Now both of my children, Tom and Charlie, play for Dobcross Youth Band along with Bev’s eldest, Woody.

I would say my favourite test piece of all time would have to be Spectrum; not sure if it’s the piece I love though or the fact that when I played this at my first contest with British Aerospace back in 1996 at the Area, we won, qualified for the national finals and were promoted to the Championship Section! My conductor at that time is now Tom and Charlie’s private brass tutor too!