Principal Eb Bass

Liam Welsh

I first started playing the cornet at the age of 7 at my school band (Bare Trees Primary School). It was then I realised how much I enjoyed playing a musical instrument and playing in a brass band.

After playing in the school band for a few years and being privileged to play at the Royal Albert Hall a couple of times, I went to play for Oldham Youth Band for a short while which then eventually led me to play for Boarshurst Youth Band on repiano cornet. It was here that I was given the chance to play the baritone (which at the time, I really wanted to do) and I enjoyed every minute of it.

After a few years, I then moved to Oldham Band Lees on 2nd baritone where I joined my dad who was playing 2nd trombone and my grandad who was playing 1st trombone. It was with Oldham Band that I attended my first National Finals. After a few good years at Oldham, I then moved to Boarshurst Silver Band and onto 1st baritone. After a few years here, I was given the chance to play 2nd euphonium which I loved.

When I was 18, I eventually had to have braces and playing the euphonium became very difficult. I didn’t want to stop playing so I moved onto the Eb bass. I am now the principal Eb bass player and enjoy leading a great set of team members.

I’ve played a few pieces over the years, but when it comes to a particular favourite I would say Mephistopheles is my favourite march, and Year of the Dragon would be my favourite test piece. I also enjoying playing solos, especially when it comes to something you may not hear often on a bass; most recently I’ve played the Eb version of Grandfather Clock and loved it.

In addition, I also look after all the instruments and mutes for the band, develop the videos for our movie night concerts (with help from my fellow bass player Nathan Edge) and develop the band website.