2nd Eb Bass

John Brooks

In 1957, I was 10 and my dad brought me a cornet home from a bloke he knew in the club where he played the piano. The cornet was more solder than brass. In those days if you didn’t live in an area where there was a brass band, you didn’t play in one. I played with my dad accompanying on piano and went for lessons to a mate of his, Gordon Lawson, who was a pit trumpeter and a superb cornet player. He used to stand at Lees on Whit Friday night with his cornet under his arm and bands would hire him to play principal for them, band after band no matter what they were playing.

About 10 years later, I joined Zion Methodist Band in Lees, eventually becoming principal cornet – not a big claim to fame. I then went from there to Boarshurst in 1978 and stayed for about 10 years until work commitments started to get in the way.

I then ended up playing with Mossley Band for about a year, and then two years with Rochdale who were in the Championship Section, just.

I moved back to Boarshurst early 90s and moved to Eb bass, simply because they were short and I fancied it. I really enjoyed it and I’ve been here ever since!s

Favourite test piece – Life Divine by Cyril Jenkins
Favourite contest march – Knight Templar by George Allan