Band trip to Holland

The Silver Band went all continental on the 1st of April (no joke) when they had a trip to Amsterdam to perform two concerts with fellow banders, Felison Band, and two “fanfare” bands. And what a trip it was. They were shown a great welcome and, after a a short rehearsal and concert by the Felison Band, took to the stage. By all accounts it was a great show (not bad considering how tired everyone was after the travelling!)

Following the concert, the band “relaxed” as only banders know how, with a few of the team looking a little worse for wear the day after – just in time for the next concert. All in all though it was, again, greatly received.

With the weather picking up and the concerts done, the band were finally let of the leash! Joining their fellow banders for a sample of the local beers, then a full day in Amsterdam (guided by friends of the band Pieter Enthoven and Ilse de Jong) – the band had a great day taking in the sights.

Thanks to Felison for such a great welcome. The band thoroughly enjoyed the visit and look forward to seeing you all soon!