A Fabulous Whit Friday

After what was a nervous start to the Whit Friday Band Contests, brought on by the late arrival of the all important coach, Boarshurst Silver managed to stick by their guns and bag a few prizes with their sterling performances of John R. Carr’s Bramwyn.

Competing against numerous other bands they raced around the villages of Saddleworth, as fast a legally possible, whilst planning strategic changes to the route as they went. After two hours, and only 2 contests done, it was beginning to look bleak. The band had been caught up at one village and had to miss another because it was so popular there were 20 coaches booked in. Still, overcoming the obstacles and figuring out how to get around all of the villages, if you can, is part of the fun.

And thats what the band did – the decision to reverse the planned route was made and the coach roared off.

It was probably the best decision of the night. The band managed to play at Lydgate, Grotton, Lees and Scouthead. All in the next couple of hours. Fantanstic!

So, six contests done and the band decided to make their way back to their home village, Greenfield, to ensure that they were booked in and ready to go. What a day! A shaky start but the band managed to perform at seven village contests.

Now came the obligatory pint at the band club and waiting for results – which weren’t too shabby at all.

All told the band performed brilliantly, finishing 16th in Saddleworth overall and winning prizes as follows – roll on next year:


  • Best Local Deportment


  • Highest placed 3rd/4th section


  • Highest placed 3rd section


  • Highest placed 3rd section


  • Highest placed 3rd section
  • Highest placed within Oldham Metropolitan Borough

Scouthead & Austerlands:

  • Highest placed 3rd section


  • Highest placed 3rd section

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