Butlins 2016

Well the Butlins Mineworkers Contest is over and, whilst most of us are happy to get back to normality, there are others with a touch of “Butlinitus” and can’t wait to get back there.

Boarshurst Silver Band are the latter… We can’t wait for it to come around again!

This year was special for us. Not only was it the 1st contest of the year. It was also our first time (for many a year) in the 2nd Section!

With the majority of the band having never played above the 3rd section we ventured out, heads held high, with no other expectation than to do our best and come away a more experienced band. And we did just that.

With a field of 24 bands in total, it was stiff competition for all competing bands and a long day for some. We drew band number seven thankfully! Playing to a full and appreciative audience – not one player let the side down and we came away with a credible 13th place.

Now that may not be good enough for some (and it goes against the grain in Boarshurst let me tell you) but let me repeat… this was the first time in the 2nd section for most members of the band. There were nerves aplenty and the test piece (Paul Lovatt-Cooper’s Fire in the Blood) was testing indeed.

So, after celebrating as only banders can. Then watching our very own MD, James Garlick, and his band mates perform as the Jager Maestros in the Reds. We came home a happy band. One that is ready for the 2nd section at Blackpool next month!! Bring it on…

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